Nice: a review for the new GentleFolk Album in The Guardian

Gentlefolk Observer review 2015 100dpi

Yesterday’s Observer had a nice review of the GentleFolk album, “Into The GreenWood”, in it. I believe the reviewer nailed it when he called us “Slightly Rickety”!

The album is coming out on Dharma records in mid September. Follow the link to hear previews of the songs in iTunes!

Once In A Blue Moon


I very much enjoyed the blue moon this weekend. After a small summer hibernation I am very much enjoying a month of fun events with a gig in a strawberry picking farm on Thursday, the Golden Hinde on Friday & an RSPB nature reserve on Saturday. Nice

The Glad

Some pubs are great. The Gladstone, on Lant Street SE1 is in that category. I am delighted to be playing the Glad with my merrie band, GentleFolk on Monday 20th at 8.30pm
It’s a free gig & you are very welcome…

Future Days


The one thing that is constant in London is change. The old railway viaduct near me has been demolished, the Shard can be seen beyond the rubble. The past is crushed & the present towers over us….for now

Looking Forward To My Bermondsey Song Walk On July 4th

At 4pm on July 4th I am leading a song walk through Borough regions to Bermondsey regions. I do this every year. Local history & songs sung at the locations that inspired them. I must have been doing this for 5 years now, but who’s counting?

One of the songs I perform is about the Salter statues by the river in Bermondsey/Rotherhithe regions.

This year I have timed the walk so when we finish we can stroll into Southwark Park & watch Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel play at the carnival. Nice

If you fancy booking a place follow this link….

Film Folk. Science Fiction Songs In An Empty Carpark In South East London


On Saturday myself & Vanessa Woolf performed as “London Dreamtime” in an empty carpark in Walworth. I sang country folk interpretations of famous science fiction movies. Vanessa told the story of the Terminator. You could quite reasonably say that this was catering for a very specific market: science fiction enthusiasts with a penchant for eccentric reinterpretations of classic works who also have a penchant for mild trespass.

It goes without saying that the evening was a modest success.

One of the songs I performed was “Mr Christopher” based on the popular movie, “District 9″

Bury My Heart In Bermondsey

Barry Albin passed over the weekend. He was a true Bermondsey gentleman. His firm, Albin & Sons, goes back hundreds of years & he was incredibly proud of the service he provided to the community.

He asked me to write a song about his firm a few years back & I was so happy when he told me how much he liked it. Some people’s opinions matter.

I’m proud to have known him.

May the 4th be with you: Space Country Music From A Galaxy Far Far Away…


As you know today is May the 4th. I grew up on Star Wars. I saw “A New Hope” when it came out in 1977 at The Tivoli with my dad. We pretended that our Austin Allegro was an X-Wing Fighter on our way home.

Empire was sold out when we went to see it in Bournemouth so we went to see Superman 2 instead. I saw Empire on VHS after Jedi. I saw Jedi in the Bournemouth Odeon. I was so excited I was sick on my chair in the cinema and moved a few rows back.

I’m notionally an adult now, but I still have a space in my heart for these three films. So much so that I wrote a song about an aspect of each of them. If I was to assign a genre to them it would be space country music from a galaxy far far away.

Burning Under Desert Suns is a song from Uncle Owen’s point of view when he discovers that Luke has left early one morning with C3P0 & R2D2. Uncle Owen tried to bring Luke up as a farmer but that was not to be.

Now Is Not The Time is a song about Han & Leia’s kiss on Bespin prior to his carbon freezing. What a moment.

With My Own Eyes is about Vader & his relationship with Luke. It was pretty complicated & Vader was not the best dad in the galaxy but he made up with Luke in the end.

I recorded these songs on Tatooine, Bespin & the Death Star respectively & they were kindly mixed by Ian Carter on Hoth.

May the 4th be with you!

Busy times for myself.

I have been spending rather a large chunk of this year producing the GentleFolk album, “Into The Greenwood”. A rewarding & exhausting endeavor which I concluded with mixing & mastering last week.


Now it’s a matter of distribution & promotion etc, etc!

British Academy

I’m very much looking forward to performing at the British Academy Of Humanities with Storyteller Vanessa Woolf on the evening of Thursday 14th May.

Other Worlds is their first late night event & we will be telling tales & singing songs of magic. Follow the link to book….


London: Songs Of Innocence & Experience

London 1: Songs of Innocence and Experience – the tales and characters of London by Tamsin Rosewell on Mixcloud

I’m really delighted to be on this radio show in such good company! If you have a bit of spare time put this on & enjoy…